Our Story

Our roots lie in the orphanages of Romania where our Founder and Director, Alexia Quin volunteered in 1992. She saw first-hand that local people were eager for training so that they might themselves improve care. They were inspired by the ways music proved to be a powerful tool to help disabled and vulnerable children overcome their difficulties and reveal their potential.

Alexia developed a training model which gave demoralised, demotivated care staff the support, confidence, resources and experience to use new techniques and musical activities. They quickly saw the ways in which these enabled them to build relationships with the children in their care and helped them recognise and meet the children’s needs. You can hear the actress Imelda Staunton talking about our work when she presented our Radio 4 Charity Appeal in July 2012 by clicking here.

Since then, we have developed a training model which can be tailored to the needs of our Local Partners. Our projects have demonstrated time and again how our training can transform the working lives of carers in ways that are truly sustainable, with many of our earliest Local Partners continuing to run music sessions to this day.

Importantly, we never sought places to deliver our projects. Interest spread across Romania by word of mouth and in 2010 we started receiving requests from other countries. In response, we have developed a broader portfolio of activities and carefully adapted our approach to different cultures, environments and situations. In every country we have discovered people who believe the children and adults they cared for would benefit from techniques and activities drawn from the clinical practice of music therapy.

In a recent progression we have identified a need for our skill-sharing approach within the UK care system. After completing two years or research and consultation, we launched our “Bringing it all back Home” initiative. We are proud to have reached the stage where we have the capacity, experience and expertise to effectively apply the knowledge we have gained from our overseas work to the UK.

Wherever we work, our projects are designed to have an impact beyond their initial reach. We set in motion changes in attitudes and approaches to the care of vulnerable people; changes which make a lasting difference to the quality of care and the quality of the working lives of those who provide it.

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