Trustees and Advisory Panel


Like all charities, Music as Therapy International is overseen by a Board of Trustees. Our Board is actively involved with all our work and meets on a quarterly basis. The Trustees are:

Jo Ashby has spent over 25 years involved in special education. She has worked in special and mainstream schools, with pupils out of school and in School Improvement in a London Local Authority. Her area of particular expertise is autism. She is also a professional artist and has a deep commitment to the importance of the Arts in child development.

John Ellis was born in 1952, brought up in Yorkshire and Aberdeen and graduated in 1974 with a degree in mathematics from the University of Aberdeen. He worked for a series of major firms in financial services, mostly in senior technical or management roles, until he retired in 2015. Music has been a significant part of his life, both as a performer (choral singer) and an attendee at concerts, operatic performances and the ballet. As a trustee of MasT I can use the experience I have gained to help ensure the high standards of governance necessary in a charity, whilst supporting work that enables disadvantaged people of all types and ages to benefit from the joy that music can bring.

Kevin Huttly currently works for a large children’s charity designing and implementing insurance programmes protecting and enhancing the agricultural livelihoods of mainly female farmers in developing countries, after a 30 year career in the London insurance marketplace underwriting and managing casualty insurance. He is currently completing a Masters degree in Disaster Management and Sustainable Development at Northumbria University and in his spare time is Chairman and playing member of his local village cricket club. Whilst not a musician himself, he has seen first-hand through the careers of his wife and one of his three children the value of music as a means of engagement for children with complex needs, emotional difficulties and challenging behaviour and the benefits that it can bring.

Lady Katya Lester is a barrister and a retired Immigration and Asylum Tribunal Judge. Before that she worked in the government legal service, with some experience in charity law. She is married with two children and one grandson.

Dr Hannah Reid is a scientist and a researcher with fifteen years' of experience working on development and climate change in some of the world's most vulnerable countries. She has published four books and numerous journal articles, briefing papers for policy makers and training materials. Hannah has recently returned from South Africa, where she lived for several years.

Jane Robbie became a Trustee in 2017 after having worked with Music as Therapy International as our Project Manager and latterly Support and Development Manager for 17 years. She remains passionate about our work and aims to bring all her experience and knowledge into her new role. Read Jane's story here.

Advisory Panel

Music as Therapy International is lucky to have the involvement of an Advisory Panel who advise on its direction and activities. All our Advisory Panel members are people with specific professional experience highly relevant to our work. The majority are trained music therapists. Some are currently working as clinicians, others are not. Some are practising in the UK, some overseas. All UK-based practising music therapists are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and are indicated with an *.

Every year the Advisory Panel is joined by new members, who are recent MasT International volunteers or staff, to ensure that our work is informed by recent experiences overseas and new clinical practices in the UK. At present there are twenty one Advisory Panel members who regularly contribute to the charity's strategy as well as helping to deliver its activities:

  • Stephanie Allen

  • Caroline Anderson

  • Susanna Bajali

  • Hannah Berhanu

  • Penny Birnstingl

  • Nina Cherla

  • Hazel Child

  • Liz Coombes

  • Laura Derain

  • Tiffany Drake

  • Sarah Hadley

  • Nicky Haire

  • Hannah Hulin

  • Oonagh Jones

  • Ruth Kumar

  • Jenny Laahs

  • Una McInerney

  • Clare Reynolds

  • Alastair Robertson

  • Cathy Rowland

  • Rebecca Sayers

  • Anne Vernon

  • Melanie Wells

  • Cerrita Smith

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