Trustees and Advisory Panel


Like all charities, Music as Therapy International is overseen by a Board of Trustees. Our Board is actively involved with all our work and meets on a quarterly basis. The Trustees are:

  • Jo Ashby

  • Judy Digney

  • John Ellis

  • Kevin Huttly

  • The Reverend Patsy Kettle

  • Lady Katya Lester

  • Dr. Hannah Reid

  • Jane Robbie

Advisory Panel

Music as Therapy International is lucky to have the involvement of an Advisory Panel who advise on its direction and activities. All our Advisory Panel members are trained music therapists with highly relevant clinical experience. Some members are currently working as clinicians, others are not. Some are practising in the UK, some overseas. All UK-based practising music therapists are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and are indicated with an *.

Every year the Advisory Panel is joined by new members, who are recent MasT International volunteers, to ensure that our work is informed by recent experiences overseas and new clinical practices in the UK. At present there are twenty two Advisory Panel members who regularly contribute to the charity's strategy as well as helping to deliver its activities:

  • Caroline Anderson

  • Penny Birnstingl

  • Hazel Child

  • Liz Coombes

  • Laura Derain

  • Tiffany Drake

  • Abigail Gill

  • Emily Gresty

  • Sarah Hadley

  • Nicky Haire

  • Oonagh Jones

  • Jenny Laahs

  • Una McInerney

  • Clare Reynolds

  • Kylie Richardson

  • Alastair Robertson

  • Cathy Rowland

  • Rebecca Sayers

  • Anne Vernon

  • Melanie Wells

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