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Our Values

Reflections on what a Music as Therapy International project actually is can be distilled into a number of values which shape the ways in which we plan our projects and how we behave while we implement them: 

  • Sustainability  Every MasT International project aims to have an impact that lasts longer than our active presence within the participating community. We believe effective partnerships between employees, volunteers and Local Partners are fundamental to sustainability. We make every effort to enable Local Partners to build on our investments in their communities. We share our resources with others working in related fields to broaden the impact of our work.
  • Integrity  We are honest and ethical in all that we do and engage in responsible decision-making that reflects the highest standards of conduct. This ensures that our credibility, leadership and use of charitable funds is never in question.  We demonstrate best practice at all times, guided by a professional code of ethics.
  • Respect  We are passionate about understanding the real needs of communities we work in and believe sensitivity to local culture and customs are vital.  Time allowed to listen to, observe and learn from our Local Partners is integral to our projects.  A collaborative approach is paramount. 
  • Innovation  Making concepts of music therapy accessible to people in non-traditional contexts requires creativity, compromise and vision.  We encourage innovative practice to achieve this and strive for continuous organisational development as we learn from each project.