Strategic Support

Our impact is not limited to how many people we can reach through our projects directly. In response to requests from our Local Partners we can provide Strategic Support for the advancement of the music therapy practice in their country.

For example, we have compiled and summarised an evidence base for music therapy. This is a collection of papers and studies that underpin the practice, showing the clinical evidence for the applications and benefits of music therapy in the care of vulnerable people.

Together with advocacy support from us, this evidence base can be used by our Local Partners to lobby for support on a broader scale, seeking to influence decision makers in education, care and policy. Ultimately, the goal is to change attitudes and approaches towards vulnerable people on a national level, securing the future of music therapy for generations to come.

Teona Kacheishvili, the head teacher of Public School #198 in Tbilisi, Georgia is keen for music as therapy to be acknowledged by the Ministry of Education in Georgia so it can be added to their school curriculum and time allowed in their weekly timetable.

"I must emphasise the motivation and interest which this project has created: We hope we will develop further and have ambition to set up a music therapy association in Georgia and to help other schools and day centres."

We have created a vast Research Summary (in Georgian) which our Local Partners can use to evidence how and why music therapy works. Meanwhile, Ms. Kacheishvili has secured funding to open Georgia's first dedicated Music Therapy Centre at the end of 2016. It is a truly exciting time for the development of music therapy in Georgia.

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