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  1. You can use this online service to make a one-off donation, but do consider making a regular pledge. These help us know where we stand from one month to the next and can also be set up via the same online service.
  2. We also appreciate everyone's choice not to share their personal details for marketing purposes. However, if you do not choose to allow marketing communications at the time of your donation, we have no way of knowing who has made a contribution! If you are making a donation and would like us to know it has come from you, please either select 'charity marketing allowed' or alternatively send us an email directly with details of your donation. Thank you so much for your support!

"I became a supporter of Music as Therapy International initially through a personal connection, but I have continued over a long period because they are a brilliant example of a small charity with passionate leadership doing a lot with a little... it is a privilege to be able to support them."

Simon Peyton Jones (Donor)

Make a Regular Donation

Every individual donation to Music as Therapy International helps us turn our plans into tangible music projects that really do change people's lives. The difficulty is, we never know when these donations might come in, which makes it hard to plan ahead. It is regular donations that really enable us to plan our activities. Knowing in advance how much income we have on a weekly, monthly or annual basis, means we know what funds we have available to invest in developing music therapy in vulnerable communities in different parts of the world.

If you are able to make a donation each month, click here to download a Direct Debit Form which will only take moments to complete or click here to set up a regular payment online.

Not only would such a gesture benefit your conscience, but it will really make a difference to what we can do for vulnerable adults and children worldwide today.

Completed forms should be sent to:

Music as Therapy International
Mowll Street Business Centre
11 Mowll Street

Give as You Earn

Your employer may have a Give as You Earn scheme, or even a policy of matching donations made by their employees. By making a donation through such a scheme, your donation will be made from your Gross Pay (in effect costing you less than a cash donation you make yourself) and it will be added to by the Inland Revenue, the Government and possibly your employer too. Send an email to for more information on setting up a GAYE scheme.


We value our donors and supporters and always make sure that any personal data you share with us is kept safe and secure. Please click here to view our Privacy and Data Protection Policy.

If you'd like us to keep in touch with you, or to update your contact information or preferences, please click here!

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