Field Project

Our Field Projects vary in length but are always led by a professional music therapist. We start by spending time with Local Partners to get a good sense of how they are currently working, what they are doing well and what areas could be supported by using music as therapy, strengthening what they are currently offering to people in their care.

A tailored skill-sharing programme is then devised and delivered in-situ. This includes the supply of musical instruments to Local Partners they can use in the music sessions they continue after the initial project is complete.

Over the duration of the project, responsibility for the sessions is gradually handed over to local staff. By the end of the project, our Local Partners have the skills, confidence and musical instruments to run their own music therapy programmes independently.

If you'd like to see what our Field Projects can achieve, click here to see what our Local Partners here in the UK have done.

“We wish we had done this earlier, but it is better late than never. There is a lot of change, [the teachers'] outlook has been changed. The approach to our children has been changed, from the teachers' point of view and from the parents' point of view. This is just the start we would like to continue. This will continue, certainly it will continue” (Director, ARMS Centre, Hyderabad)

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