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Posted in Blog on 1st November 2009

Liz and I arrived in Tel Aviv on Saturday 24th October and have been in Bethlehem now for four days. In some ways it does feel like we have been here for much longer however, in others I think it is only just sinking in. We have experienced a wealth of new things such as hummus and chips for Breakfast and getting up at 6am to travel on the school bus with the children of SOS...something neither of us has done for a very long time! We had the fantastic company and guidance of Canon Paul Miller and Claire Tillotson for the first three days whose previous experience of the SOS Village has helped immensely

On Saturday 24th October Liz and I arrived at the SOS Childrenís Village in Bethlehem (and havenít stopped sweating since!) We are living with one of the house mothers ëKoukaí and her two children Hamsa (11) and Raani (5). The house mother is great and has a super sense of humour although she does insist on giving Liz and I a grilling on our Arabic over breakfast and at the moment we are not doing so well! Speaking of breakfast, we have so far experienced a large spread of chips and tomato sauce, chocolate biscuits and are fed homemade hummus at regular times throughout the day! Having been here for four days I think we have almost met all of the children as we rotate our meal times throughout the houses, dining with a different SOS family every day. Everyone here has been extremely welcoming to us.

Went to the school today and we were both extremely moved at how accepting and enthusiastic the staff were about our visit and about involving music therapy in their school.. We have already drafted up a plan for this week, which is largely based on observation and drafting timetables as the sessions will begin next week. We have almost sorted the staff at the school and in the SOS Village who will take part in the training which is exciting as they seem really keen and eager to learn new skills.

What's making me laugh the most at the moment is my name (being arabic) is of no problem to them yet Liz has now become known to many as 'Lids' :)†

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