News from Bethlehem 9

Posted in Blog on 27th November 2009

This week has been very busy indeed. It is a Muslim holiday here at the moment, so the schools are closed until Tuesday next week. To compensate for missed days, we have made up some sessions over the past few days, and will be trying to ensure everything is tied up neatly by the time we leave. Preparing the handbook for staff is our priority at the moment, although it’s a bit difficult to concentrate! Some of the children who are here in the Village without families or friends to stay with over this holiday are being very boisterous, and keep rushing in as they don’t understand why we are working today! In fact I’ve just been given some sweets to keep me going by a kind little friend. Talking of food, we’ve been given some amazing meals here in the Village. Earlier in the week we had Cabsa, a rice-based dish containing various spices, sultanas and roast almonds together with chicken. We have been given the recipe, and also a quantity of spices to enable us to (hopefully) reproduce this when we go home. Another hit was a famous dish called Musakhan. This is again made with spiced roast chicken, and served on large round pizza type breads called taboon. It has a sweet fried onion topping made with sumac, a spice derived from the plant of the same name that is deep purple. We recommend it, although beware, it is very filling!

A social worker at SOS village and a music teacher (below).

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