Training of Trainers 2010

Posted in Projects on 27th May 2010

Music as Therapy International are delighted to announce a new training initiative that will take place in Romania to support local staff train others in how to use music in a therapeutic context. Many of our Local Partners have been developing their music programme and running sessions for up to 12 years and have passed on their music skills informally to new colleagues wishing to learn more about how to use music therapeutically with the children and adults in their care. Some of our Local Partners are now third generation, which is fantastic, but they feel they would benefit from learning how to approach the training in a more structured way . We responded to this request by organising a ‘Training of Trainers’ programme which will be hosted by Local Partners in Oradea on the 6th and 7th September 2010.

UK Music Therapist Cathy Rowland will travel to Romania to lead the two day training project, assisted by Local Partners, Monica Szabo and Maia Indries, who initiated their own training programme this year. The training will be made available to all Local Partners who have been running music sessions for a number of years and are keen to pass on their skills.

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