Training of Trainers 2010

Posted in Projects on 5th August 2010

Plans for the ‘Training of Trainers’ course in September are well underway. The training will be led by UK Music Therapist, Cathy Rowland and will take place at the Centrul Scolar pentru Educatie Incluziva Nr. 1, Oradea on the 6th & 7th September 2010. Project Co-ordinator, Jane Robbie will accompany Cathy and will be an excellent opportunity to spend time with Local Partners, some of whom have been in the network for over 10 years! We are also delighted that Local Partners, Monica Szabo and Maia Indres, are contributing to the training and have been helping to shape the content this summer. The training will be attended by approximately 25 Local Partners from all around Romania.

We are also delighted to have Casa Corpului Didactic on board who have kindly offered to endorse the training by offering all participants an accredited certificate!

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