Additional Training

Posted in Projects on 7th September 2010

News just in from Projects Co-ordinator, Jane Robbie, who is in Oradea at the moment: Jane has been working with Music Therapist Cathy Rowland to deliver a two-day course training thirty of our Local Partners to become confident as music as therapy Trainers themselves. The Local Authority which is responsible for the training of teachers employed in State Schools were interested to see what was involved and have been observing the course. Jane wrote: "They are so impressed with what they have seen that they're recommending [our course] for accreditation at a national level. This means that longer term our Local Partners who are employed as teachers - and who took part in the course - will be recognised as nationally accredited trainers to teach others how to use music therapeutically." All the Local Partners are amazed by this level of recognition and support from the inspectorate. A significant coup! Congratulations to everyone involved and our thanks to Casa Corpului Didactice, Oradea.

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