News - July 2011

Staff workshops are running, attendance increasing steadily !

Posted in Blog on 30th July 2011

Tinkuy Peru has kindly offered to host our staff workshops and invite teachers from one of the local kindergardens to take part too. So the staff workshops are running and attendance seems to be increasing! We've already had some interesting musical explorations... Read on

Instrument Shopping for Project Peru

Posted in Blog on 27th July 2011

After visiting the mountain school in Huancayo to meet the children, some of the teachers and to gather first impressions, we also ventured into town to go instrument shopping! There seems to be a curious absence of soft-headed beaters,but other than that we're... Read on

Project Peru

Posted in Blog on 22nd July 2011

Hello,The bags are as good as packed, and we're getting ready for our trip to Peru !We are very excited and would like to thank everybody for their amazing support so far.Time for action !Please keep checking in for updates on our progress in Huancayo over the... Read on

Saxophone Challenge Awarded Distinction!

Posted in Projects on 21st July 2011

Congratulations to Carine Ries who not only rose to the challenge of learning the saxaphone in 3 months, but did so with flying colours. Carine found out yesterday that she had been awarded a 'Distinction' by the examining board! Not bad going considering she... Read on

Music as Therapy is spreading!

Posted in Projects on 12th July 2011

We have just collated the responses to a recent questionnaire sent to our Local Partners using music across Romania. We were excited to learn that a number of them have plans to share their music skills with other local workers. In fact, according to their estimates... Read on

Sax Challenge raises £500 for Peru

Posted in Fundraising Events on 7th July 2011

Project Leader, Carine Ries rose to the challenge to learn the Saxophone and get up to grade 3 within 3 months of starting to learn how to play! She took her exam on Tuesday and has already raised £500 from friends and family eager to sponsor the challenge. Carine... Read on

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