Last two days on the Peru Project, we are wrapping up...

Posted in Blog on 12th August 2011

The three weeks we've spent out here in Huancayo have been flying by and although it feels as if we've only just got here, we've almost come to the end of our stay. We've had a great time with Tino, Marie and the children of Tinkuy Peru.

Alongside running music as therapy sessions for the children of the mountain school we also ran staff workshops for the Tinkuy Peru team and teachers from local schools. We've seen very enthusiastic participation in the sessions and the workshops were well attended.

After Tino and Marie have been assisting, and eventually leading the music as therapy sessions for the children of the mountain school, it's now time for us to leave the project in their capable hands and say our goodbyes for this year.

We would like to thank everybody for their participation and express a special thank you to Tino and Marie and Tinkuy Peru for hosting the Peru Project.

We wish Tinkuy Peru all the best with the project and hopefully there will be possibilities for further collaborations in the future!

Carine & Andrew

Newer: End of sessions with us, handing over the lead

Older: Administrator Position now filled

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