News - October 2011

Tipping Point

Posted in Blog on 27th October 2011

She sits in a chair, rocking violently and does not make eye contact. On the table beside her there are chime bars, bongos, tambourine and cymbal, a lyre, and various small percussion instruments. She looks at these but does not reach out to play them.This is... Read on

A Basic Beat

Posted in Blog on 24th October 2011

For three days, the wind blows like nothing I’ve known. When you’re out in it, it threatens to knock you off your feet if you turn a corner unprepared. It rattles the windows at night and hollers. I lie awake, waiting to hear a pattern in its wails, sighs... Read on

Where We're Coming From

Posted in Blog on 19th October 2011

I ask a friend who writes a blog for some advice. He smiles ruefully.‘Don’t spend too long on it,’ he says.On the plane, I try to think of reasons for writing about this time in Georgia. I often write things down as a way of makingsense of them, but I don... Read on

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