News - May 2012

Project Georgia follow-up visit underway!

Posted in Blog on 30th May 2012

My hosts were as inviting and warm as they had been the last time. I realised the trick to survival was to keep a glass with an inch of water by me which passed as vodka for the toasts - which come unrelentlessly when family and friends visit for the evening meal... Read on

Another wonderful testimony

Posted in Projects on 28th May 2012

It is always wonderful to hear from our Local Partners. We recently received a report from Mihaela Gheorlan, a student on our Distance Learning Course in Romania where she said: At the end of the learning program I truly felt I had one more instrument to help... Read on

Project Georgia Update

Posted in Projects on 15th May 2012

We are delighted to have had a recent update on the work our Local Partners are continuing in Georgia. One staff member wrote, “After music sessions M. (she is very shy) started to communicate with teachers, sometimes she also gives answers. She doesn’t hide... Read on

The Media Trust

Posted in Fundraising Events on 15th May 2012

We have just sent a request to the fantastic Media Trust in the hope they can find us a professional film maker who will donate their skills to make a short film for us to put on our website. At last! We've been hoping to do this for years. Fingers crossed...! Read on

Imelda Staunton Agrees to Present our Radio 4 Appeal!

Posted in Fundraising Events on 14th May 2012

We are thrilled to announce that the award winning actress, Imelda Staunton has agreed to present our Radio 4 Appeal on the 1st July.It is truly exciting to have her support! Click here to read the testimony she has kindly written for us. Read on

Local Partner update - Bethlehem

Posted in Projects on 11th May 2012

We have just had some great news from one of the trainees from Project Bethlehem (2009): Noubar Vosgueritchian is not only continuing to use his music as therapy skills at the SOS School in Bethlehem three years down the line, but that he has also taken these... Read on

Discretionary Grant

Posted in Projects on 8th May 2012

We are delighted to award a discretionary grant to Local Partner, Mirela Navligu. Mirela has been running music as therapy sessions at her old place of work since 2004, but went on to set up 'VivArt', an arts therapy centre in Timisoara last year. Knowing the... Read on

Feedback from a Local Partner

Posted in Projects on 8th May 2012

It is always great to receive some feedback from a Local Partner or student. Aura Filip has been a Romanian Local Partner since 2000 and is a current Distance Learning student and has said the following about her experience working with Music as Therapy international... Read on

Advancing Healthcare Awards

Posted in Projects on 8th May 2012

At the end of March, Alexia, Sarah Hadley and our tutors from the Interactive Music-Making course went to the Advancing Health care Awards ceremony. The course had been nominated for an award in the "Achieving Excellence in Learning and Development" category.... Read on

MasT Update!

Posted in Blog on 8th May 2012

Hopefully you will have noticed that our home page has had a bit of a spring-clean. This also applies to the background workings of the entire website!Unfortunately, in all the work, some of our news postings were lost so we thought we would give you an update... Read on

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