Project Georgia follow-up day 4

Posted in Blog on 1st June 2012

As we take time to reflect over the videos of the sessions in the last fews days, everyone begins to realise just how much has changed, for children and educators alike. The sessions have moved to a smaller room, which most people feel contains the energy of the children making them all feel safer. We play out and discuss how "loud and soft" - a simple phenomena- permeates the sessions, a powerful dynamic which can be harnessed and which we can work within our group as well. This parallel between the dynamic of the sessions and the training group has always felt significant and it feels we can now begin to explore this in a more explicit manner. I'm also becoming aware of a change in the group as new people join and there is a re-grouping. Some of the previously more reserved educators begin to gain a voice in the slowly emerging reflective spaces. Maybe i am also beginning to feel a bit more heard...

I try to convince the educators of the value of capturing some of what they experience in the sessions by making notes - as a way of letting go of some of the emotions - and also as a learning tool.

I wrote this last night, but it is infact my last day today - a day I'm sure will be filled with mixed emotion...

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