Week 4 - Project Beit Sahour

Posted in Blog on 7th October 2012

We’ve now reached the end of the fourth week of the project, and we only have two weeks to go! Time is flying and we’re getting to know the staff and children really well, and look forward to seeing their enthusiastic faces each week. We are very pleased to be able to say that by the end of this week every staff member involved had led at least one activity within sessions, and what’s more, a small handful took on the challenge of conducting whole group session with enormous success! The staff are very enthusiastic and seem really eager to explore how music can be used therapeutically to help children within their school.

Our time here is divided between three schools; two days at the ELS in Beit Sahour, two days at Dar al-Kalima in Bethlehem, and one day at Hope School in Ramallah. We are slowly getting used to the long journey to Ramallah, and found the energy to go to Taybeh Oktoberfest this Saturday, having completed another successful day at Hope School. This Annual Village Festival brings live music and dancing to the West Bank, and is literally known as the village of retreat. It was the perfect end to the day and we sampled the local brew and danced to the sound of Palestinian Hip-Hop group DAM until early sunset!

Despite having been a tiring week, we are very excited to see how the staff will continue to develop the ideas and skills we have been sharing this week. We are hoping to kick start our fifth week in Palestine with staff at ELS Beit Sahour leading group sessions, and completing the school day with a music therapy experiential group for all staff members at the school.

Will be in touch soon with more news!

Best wishes

Teleri and Hazel

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