CPD Event

Posted in Projects on 9th October 2012

We are pleased to announce our next CPD Event: Music Therapy Skill-Sharing - Techniques and Considerations. This is being offered in response to a number of music therapists who have asked for more insight into how we share our skills on our Music as Therapy International projects because they are thinking about sharing their skills too. The day will attempt to address the questions, "What exactly do we do?!" and "How might I do it too?!"

The day will be held in London and will comprise a range of interactive workshops and presentations. It is being run jointly by Music Therapist and Advisory Panel member Cathy Rowland, and music therapist and director of Music as Therapy International, Alexia Quin. For more information, please click here.

Newer: Week 5 - Project Beit Sahour

Older: Week 4 - Project Beit Sahour

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