CPD Event Feedback

Posted in Projects on 19th November 2012

Well we worked hard to prepare our CPD Event this weekend and have just been rewarded with some generous feedback from one of the participants, Music Therapist Julia Usher:

“Your CPD Day certainly fulfilled everything I hoped of it, including meeting young therapists redefining the field; being pushed to interact in small groups, and to learn lots of new ideas. As well as sharpening up one's own experience and see what might be relevant; stirring one's brain and ways of thinking; and take in rigorous and essential ways of relating to present day practice, managerial, therapeutic and clinical; and realities of politics and reorganisation. Excellent presentations; so tight and focussed, but so much in depth. The handouts were superb.”

Our thanks to Cathy Rowland for sharing the lead with Alexia on the day.

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