Distance Learning Course - Practical impact

Posted in Projects on 19th November 2012

We are delighted to see how our Distance learning students in Romania - all people currently working with young children with disabilities, who want to include music as therapy in what they can offer - are progressing as they put their online learning into practice. Some fantastic feedback from one of the students came through only today:

"This 5th session was wonderful for me: I felt the children really came together for the best part of the session. They listened to me, they responded positively through the musical instruments, others through their voice, words and facial expressions. The best observation, or the best feedback for me, was when I ended the session and we said good-bye to the instruments. We all went out together and sat on a sofa waiting for the rest of their group. Their educator was astonished and she asked me what I did to them! I told her proudly that the effects of music therapy are starting to show." Oana

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