Visiting Local Partners in West Romania

Posted in Blog on 10th September 2013

Whilst Alexia and Becca are busy visiting Local Partners across the East of Romania, Cathy and myself are taking on the West. We arrived in Timisoara on Saturday afternoon and were greeted by a Local Partner who had taken part in a Music as Therapy skill-sharing program in 1999. Just a few hours later we were taken to visit Vivart, a centre for young people with learning difficulties. The centre had been set up by the same Local Partner just 2 years before. In 2012 the centre was a recipient of the Musical Instrument Fund, so it was great that we were able to observe a very moving session where the instruments were being enjoyed by the beneficiaries of the centre. The session lasted for a full hour and we were impressed by the ease in which the leaders of the session kept the young people fully engaged. After the session we were invited to celebrate one the young persons 20th birthdays and this bought the visit to an enjoyable finish.

We arrived in Sibiu late last night and our first stop today was Casa Lumini (the house of light) a day centre for children with special needs. Three of the staff members at this centre are currently taking part in the Distance Learning Program. It was an opportunity to offer support as well as receive some feedback from the students. From a Distance it is easy to forget that there is a person behind the words, they have daily pressures but remain keen to learn more and use music therapeutically, enjoying the benefits it has for them and for the children.

Hannah and Cathy

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