News - August 2014

Volunteer needed (Oval)

Posted in Fundraising Events on 29th August 2014

Thank you Boosey and Hawkes for getting behind our CD Amnesty. We are collecting 25 boxes of CDs next week but now need help data inputting the barcodes so we can turn them into much needed funds. Is there anyone out there who would like to volunteer a few hours... Read on

Project Georgia Volunteer Induction

Posted in Projects on 29th August 2014

Exciting day spent with our new volunteer team ahead of their project in Georgia next month: Music Therapist Jenny Laahs and 'assistant' Isabel Bedford have been thinking ahead to the practicalities of the project, loading their suitcases with musical instruments... Read on

Music what?

Posted in Blog on 28th August 2014

Some midway thoughts from Stephanie Jayne about Project Noel de Nyundo.....My current role is as a lead music therapist on the skill sharing project here in Gisenyi, Rwanda. I am not teaching music therapy to my new colleagues, but rather the key principles of... Read on

Rwanda Project Well Underway

Posted in Projects on 26th August 2014

Our current Introductory Music as Therapy Training Project is currently well underway in Gisenyi, Rwanda. Music Therapist Stephanie Jayne is leading the training, ably supported by our Projects' Assistant Hannah Hulin who has gone well beyond her everyday work... Read on

Ice Bucket Challenge

Posted in Fundraising Events on 26th August 2014

Originally the brilliant idea of people wanting to raise awareness of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) the ice bucket challenge has become a social media frenzy. Check out Nicholas and Christopher Amner embracing the idea and generously donated their pocket... Read on

Week 3 and the skill-sharing is well under way....

Posted in Blog on 21st August 2014

On Thursday, we went to the Noel de Nyundo orphanage, where we had arranged to meet the 4 staff members from Hope and Homes for children and the clients they had chosen to work with. We did an introductory group session at Noel but decided it was appropriate to... Read on

Incredible sponsored swim!

Posted in Fundraising Events on 19th August 2014

How brilliant is Sophia Davies? Together with 4 friends, Sophia is swimming 10km down the River Dart - the equivalent to 400 lengths of your average 25m pool - only outdoors, in a wetsuit, with no opportunity to kick-off a wall! All in the name of Music as Therapy... Read on

Team Rwanda update from Wednesday

Posted in Blog on 15th August 2014

Steph and I are really settling into local life now, we are on first name basis with all the staff at our accommodation, we say hello to the people at the local shops and we have made friends with the women at the market (i had them all singing 'waka waka' by... Read on

Secret Postcard Update

Posted in Fundraising Events on 15th August 2014

We're putting together our artists' packs for our Secret Postcard Sale, ready to send out in early September! So far we have a fabulous and varied selection of contributors, from artists, musicians, fashion designers and more! We're really looking forward to seeing... Read on

Project Noel de Nyundo: Update from Steph

Posted in Blog on 10th August 2014

Muraho from Rwanda! This will be my first ever blog, I'm not sure of the exact requirements so please forgive me if I end up rambling on...Gisenyi is a fairly small yet hectic city. Full of people going about their daily business; women carrying huge baskets of... Read on

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