Secret Postcard Sale - a huge success!

Posted in Fundraising Events on 10th December 2014

We are delighted to say that our recent Secret Postcard Sale raised £7,600. Thanks to every that helped make it possible - the wonderful artists who completed a postcard and everyone who bought one (or more!)

The event – like all our work, really – relied heavily on the good will and resourcefulness of a small number of people. Here’s how it felt on Wednesday afternoon…

2pm We’re into the venue: Alexia (Director), Shannon (Administrator) and Anthony (Shannon’s husband) drag boxes, string, pieces of wood, leaflet, purchase forms, and the precious postcards themselves in the 1901 Arts Club. The three of us start gingerly hanging the postcards, only to discover our method doesn’t work… the wooden frames, lean perilously!

3pm The first batch of cards is up. Alexia, bravely ignoring her vertigo to tie string to a high curtain rail, while Shannon and Anthony crawl on the floor preparing the next batches.

4pm Never have we been so pleased to see Jane (Projects’ Manager). Seeing us seriously behind schedule, Jane whips off her boots and joins us piecing together the collection on the floor!

5pm Hannah (Projects’ Coordinator) arrives – we all cheer! - and ably takes on setting up our sales table. Elsie (Hannah’s housemate) finds herself unwittingly enrolled as part of the team and is soon tiptoeing between the cards on the floor, blue tack in hand.

6pm Madeleine (Work Experience) joins us after school and Cleo (Trustee) arrives soon after. Quickly briefed on their roles for the evening, they too are soon numbering postcards and attaching them to string. Alexia is still up a ladder.

6.20pm A queue is spotted outside the venue; Hannah photographs the frenzy of last minute postcard hanging for Twitter; Charles (pianist) arrives and starts to warm up. We still have 28 postcards to hang!

6.28pm Shannon changes speedily into something more glamorous; Anthony puts the finishing touches to the display; Cleo takes up her position at the laptop – ready to update the website throughout the evening; Hannah, Jane and Elsie run to the top floor and leap behind the Sales desk.

6.30pm Alexia stuffs the ladder behind the coat rack and, taking a deep breath to restore serenity, opens the door to the waiting guests! The phone starts to ring…

If you are able to support our work this Christmas, you can do so by sending a cheque made payable to Music as Therapy International to our office (The Co-op Centre, 11 Mowll Street, London SW9 6BG). Or you can donate online by visiting and searching for Music as Therapy International. If you remember, please can you put “In response to your Christmas Letter”, or words to that effect, as a comment alongside your donation

We’d love our fundraising from the Secret Postcard Sale to reach £10,000. That’s only a further £2,400. We just need to find 16 people who are able to make a donation of £150 this Christmas. Could one of them be you?

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