‘Music Therapy and Dementia Care in the 21st Century’ conference at Anglia Ruskin University

Posted in Blog on 30th June 2015

Music as Therapy International are delighted to have had their round table proposal accepted by Anglia Ruskin University for their upcoming conference on Music Therapy and Dementia Care in the 21st Century. The panel for the round table discussion on ‘What is the relevance of skill-sharing to music therapists working in the field of dementia?’ includes Professor Helen Odell-Miller who has a distinguished career as a music therapist working in mental health and is currently working with parliamentary groups on music therapy and dementia, Ming Hung Hsu who is the head music therapist for Methodist homes and conducting doctoral research into music therapy and dementia, and Music as Therapy International’s Director, Alexia Quin, who brings her experience of 20 years of music therapy skill-sharing projects around the world. The round table will provide the charity with a fantastic opportunity to canvas the music therapy profession on their feelings and experiences on skill-sharing with carers of people with dementia.

Caroline Anderson

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