‘Music Therapy and Dementia Care in the 21st Century’ conference at Anglia Ruskin University

Posted in Blog on 1st September 2015

We're looking forward to the conference on Music Therapy and Dementia Care at Anglia Ruskin University this weekend. Alexia Quin and Caroline Anderson, along with Ming Hsu and Prof. Helen Odell-Miller will make up the panel for the roundtable discussion ‘What is the relevance of skill-sharing to music therapists working in the field of dementia?’ This will be a brilliant opportunity for us to canvas the views held amongst the music therapy profession, enabling us to better understand the areas of need and resources available in dementia care in the UK.

In addition, one of our Advisory Panel members, Nicky Haire (along with Community Musician Jane Bentley) will be speaking about the scope for collaboration between musicians, Community Musicians and Music Therapists working in dementia care in Scotland.

Click here to download a poster, or for more information on the conference, click here

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