News - October 2015

Project Hyderabad Week 5

Posted in Blog on 13th October 2015

"It’s time to sing goodbye"…. We have been singing this every day for the past five weeks so we should be prepared! However Dr. Sundhima, who set up ARMS, said it’s just the beginning when we spoke to her about the training earlier this week.In the final... Read on

Tubakunde exchange programme happening now!

Posted in Projects on 9th October 2015

In July this year Music as Therapy International teamed up with the Tubakunde Network (a Rwandan network supporting centres for children and adults with disabilities) to host a conference which was attended by staff from 23 centres across Rwanda. This was also... Read on

Feedback from our Project in Gisenyi, Rwanda

Posted in Projects on 7th October 2015

We have just received some feedback from a Local Partner in Gisenyi."One surprising positive thing I witnessed is that Josué, who almost every time is not attached to the group, unstable, with complete lack of response to instructions, with lack of ability to... Read on

Project Hyderabad Week 4

Posted in Blog on 7th October 2015

This week has felt a little like the moment the trapeze artist lets go one swing but has not caught the other and has to trust in the momentum that they have created. The moments of moving into a space of improvisation with full concentration and focus on the... Read on

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