Interactive Music-Making 2016

Posted in Projects on 22nd June 2016

Our Interactive Music-Making students - all early years practitioners in South East London - are coming to the end of their training with us. We have seen them deliver fabulous sessions to small groups of young children and i was great to hear their enthusiastic feedback at our final seminar last week:

“The dialogue I’ve had with a little boy in my group who is selective mute, on the drum has been completely mind-blowing. After his first sessions his key worker said to me ‘He’s so much more confident.’”

“One of the children who found it almost impossible to regulate himself initially was able to attend, turn take and reference the needs of another child during the last session. Another was clingy and tearful initially entering nursery - she is now empowered.”

"[The training was]...a great experience with encouraging and inspiring tutors.”

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