The 3rd Annual Music Therapy Conference of Music Therapy, Brasov, Romania

Posted in Projects on 30th November 2017

Alexia and Music Therapist Becca Sayers are recently back from a locally organised music therapy conference in Brasov, Romania.  There is a montage of photos on our Facebook page to give you a flavour of the event.  It is accompanied by a song learned and performed in minutes by a group of health, education and care practitioners who do not consider themselves singers, but who were participating in Becca's workshop to explore and develop how they might use their voices in their work with children and adults.  You can also see the Conference Programme (in Romanian) here.

Our thanks to Stela Dragulin and Fulvia Constantin for organising this important event and to all the presenters of workshops and presentations who made it such an interesting reflection on current music therapy practice in Romania.

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