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  • The World Congress of Music Therapy - Day 2

    Yesterday Jane attracted lots of interest and attention with her poster presentation summarising all of our various activities. 

    Today we would like to wish our luck to.....

    Alexia Quin and Cathy Rowland who will be presenting their co- written paper, 'Cross cultural skill-sharing as an introductory music therapy training model: successes, limitations and considerations'.

    Caroline Anderson, Nicky Haire and Alexia will be hosting a round table discussion about the role that digital media plays in our activities. They will be taking a closer look at our work in Rwanda to aid this discussion. 

    The team will return from Vienna tomorrow, with their stories, pictures and feedback that we look forward to sharing with you. Watch this space.....

  • World Congress of Music Therapy

    Yesterday, 7 Music as Therapy International representatives traveled to Vienna to attend and present papers at the World Congress of Music Therapy.

     Wishing luck to......

    Jane Robbie who will be showcasing our work around the world at the poster presentations.

    Sarah Hadley will be presenting her paper "Necessity is the mother of invention: The inception of interactive music making". Sarah explains how the University accredited 'Interactive Music Making for the under 5's' course came to fruition.

    .......and later on this afternoon Emma Lovell and Cathy Rowland will be presenting their co-written paper evidencing the development and impact of the Distance Learning Programme in Romania.


  • Oradea Conference 2014 'Education and parenting'

     I have just returned from Oradea so enthused and excited about the wonderful work that is going on out there and that there seems to be a new generation of young women especially, from what I saw, that are really trying to change the way parenting and chidlren’s well being is approached. The conference was fantastically attended and there were several different speakers of a high standard looking at child development and parenting skills. The delegates were a real even mix of teachers and parents with some doctors and psychologists/ psychotherapists also attending.

    The music presentations seemed to be enthusiastically received and I was so impressed by the openness of everyone and the willingness to learn new ideas and take them on board. I did 2 practical workshops looking at music and emotion and how the 2 connect as well as offering some ideas into ‘feeling’ and experiencing music holistically and how that could be incorporated into playing and working with children.

    I also presented a paper on the ‘power of music’ which again seemed to spark some interest and there were several good questions at the end of it to discuss. 

    It was a wonderful conference which the Romanian organisers should feel immensely proud of and I was delighted to be there representing Music as Therapy International. 
    Clare Reynolds

  • Weeks 2 and 3: Project Myanmar

    Dana Jacobson, who was recruited from Israel to take on the role of assistant during the 4 week project in Myanmar, has just sent us the final blog updates. We hope you enjoy reading them and we look forward to sharing the full report with you as soon as we can!

    Third week

    After two intensive first weeks, that were sort of an introduction to music therapy techniques, to the structure of the course, and to us and  the other participants, the afternoon courses  began to be more intimate and even more powerful. We continued to share skills with the teachers and teach them lots of music therapy activities, for groups and for individual sessions. We aimed to give them practical tools that they could use immediately, so most of the activities were with recorded music, basic rhythmic tapping patterns, vocal improvisations and movement. In parallel, we continued with the personal work with the participants themselves. We conducted a lot of improvisations about life and emotions, sharing circles concerning personal history and background, and experiences from their musical work at the school.    

    In the mornings, we worked in the 2 schools (the Eden center and the Montessory School) with the teachers. They conducted individual and groups sessions (that we planned together the week before), and we accompanied them in the sessions. We met with the teachers before the sessions and helped them think about the goals of the session, the needs of the children, the setting and the activities that would fit the client group.  In the afternoons, the teachers shared their own experience from the day with the others.

    The teachers were amazing. With their co-operation, willingness to learn, and the bravery they showed, each teacher with her/his own personal story, and how they got to working in the special education system. We felt good about the progress we were making and that we were actually helping them to start a very important process of learning and knowing themselves more, in a new and different ways.

    Forth week: the end

    In the beginning of this week we started to prepare for the ending of the project. During the afternoon course, we asked the teachers to do more practical important tasks; creating an opening song, planning the formation of music therapy in their schools (who will conduct it, how many hours they can dedicate for it, groups/individual and et cetera). Also, some of the teachers brought videos of musical sessions that they conducted and together we have analyzed them.  

    For the conclusion, we talked about the importance of dedicating a time period for the music therapy program.

    At the end, we had a ceremony for everyone who participated and it was very exiting!

    We prepared certificates for the teachers, shared our feelings about the amazing experience that

     we had had working with them, and talked about our hope for the continuity: that they will continue working with music and update us, meet each other to keep on learning and sharing experiences (like a peer group), and of course, that we will meet again in the not so far away future.    

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