Our Interactive Music-Making Taster Workshop

Posted in Blog and Projects on 1st April 2021

Last month, we hosted an Interactive Music-Making Taster Workshop for everyone who applied to the IMM Course for 2020, which was delayed by the pandemic.  

This workshop introduced our current recruits to some key IMM ideas, but most importantly allowed the group to meet one another and the tutors. Together we thought about how everyone is currently using music at work, shared what we believe the power of music to be, and developed some ideas on how music might be used to enhance early years care.  

‘It was so lovely to meet everyone and share ideas and experiences. I found it very inspiring.’

We are very grateful for our recruits’ patience as we wait for an appropriate time to begin the delayed course, and are so looking forward to having them take part!

If you would like to apply to join this group, the IMM Course will either be run from Summer Term or Autumn Term 2021. Just get in touch – and have a look at our IMM Website to find out more.

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