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  • Tsvia Horesh has returned to Myanmar


    Last September, Tsvia Horesh recruited, Shirley Amir-Albaz and Dana Jakobson to deliver a 4 week skill-sharing project in Myanmar. The training was well received by 30 members of staff working at 2 schools, a Montessori school and day centre of children with disabilities in Yangoon. 

    Unfortunately, Shirley was unable to deliver the follow up visit so instead Tsvia has returned to Yangoon for one week. This will be an opportunity for Tsvia to offer the staff support and address any issues they may have faced since receiving the training 8 months ago. 

    We will provide a more detailed update of how the trip went when Tsvia returns next week. 



  • Oradea Conference 2014 'Education and parenting'

    I have just returned from Oradea so enthused and excited about the wonderful work that is going on out there and that there seems to be a new generation of young women especially, from what I saw, that are really trying to change the way parenting and chidlren’s well being is approached. The conference was fantastically attended and there were several different speakers of a high standard looking at child development and parenting skills. The delegates were a real even mix of teachers and parents with some doctors and psychologists/ psychotherapists also attending.
    The music presentations seemed to be enthusiastically received and I was so impressed by the openness of everyone and the willingness to learn new ideas and take them on board. I did 2 practical workshops looking at music and emotion and how the 2 connect as well as offering some ideas into ‘feeling’ and experiencing music holistically and how that could be incorporated into playing and working with children.
    I also presented a paper on the ‘power of music’ which again seemed to spark some interest and there were several good questions at the end of it to discuss. 
    It was a wonderful conference which the Romanian organisers should feel immensely proud of and I was delighted to be there representing Music as Therapy International. 
    Clare Reynolds


  • Liz successfully completed her 10K run in Palestine, but the fundraising continues.....


    On 13th April Liz Coombes, music therapist and  manager of Project Beit Sahour took part in the 10K "Right to Movement" Running Event in Bethlehem Palestine to raise money for our continuing work in that part of the world.  The day dawned with a cloudless sky, and it proved to be one of the hottest days of Liz's time in Bethlehem.  Arriving in the starting area at 7am, Liz was treated to a vibrant atmosphere.  There was a mixture of Arabic music and club numbers pumping out on the sound system.  Spirits were high with a lot of enthusiastic dancing and flag waving.  After a physical warm-up on stage led by the organisers, they were off!

    The track wound through the town of Bethlehem, through one of the refugee camps and then doubled back into town.  The final 250 meters was a grueling uphill struggle, but Liz made it and, we are proud to say, won her age group!  She has the T shirt and medal.  Liz says she has never run in such high temperatures, but crowd support and the excitement of this new event spurred her on.

    Click here to support Liz and our continuing work in Palestine

  • ***REMINDER*** Deadline for Project Georgia Applications

    There is still time to apply for this exciting opportunity.

    To find out more please visit the project Georgia page on our Website or click here to download an information flyer. 

    If you would like to apply you can download an application form and send the completed copy to by Friday 4th April. 

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