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  • Project Georgia Volunteer Induction

    Exciting day spent with our new volunteer team ahead of their project in Georgia next month:  Music Therapist Jenny Laahs and 'assistant' Isobel Bedford have been thinking ahead to the practicalities of the project, loading their suitcases with musical instruments, thinking about challenges and how to make sure they are as ready as they can be for a foray into the unknown.  Our thanks to them for coming into London today and to Project Leader Alastair Robertson for travelling down from Scotland to shre his experiences and support the team.  Alastair will travel to Georgia with Jenny and Isobel to oversee the first week of their project, before providing support to them throughout its duration.  We look forward to sharing their experiences via the blog, from mid-September.

  • Rwanda Project Well Underway

    Our current Introductory Music as Therapy Training Project is currently well underway in Gisenyi, Rwanda.  Music Therapist Stephanie Jayne is leading the training, ably supported by our Projects' Assistant Hannah Hulin who has gone well beyond her everyday work with us in volunteering to help take some of the benefits of music therapy to the local staff and their benficiaries in three care settings.  Follow their progress on their blog.

  • Tsvia Horesh has returned to Myanmar


    Last September, Tsvia Horesh recruited, Shirley Amir-Albaz and Dana Jakobson to deliver a 4 week skill-sharing project in Myanmar. The training was well received by 30 members of staff working at 2 schools, a Montessori school and day centre of children with disabilities in Yangoon. 

    Unfortunately, Shirley was unable to deliver the follow up visit so instead Tsvia has returned to Yangoon for one week. This will be an opportunity for Tsvia to offer the staff support and address any issues they may have faced since receiving the training 8 months ago. 

    We will provide a more detailed update of how the trip went when Tsvia returns next week. 



  • Oradea Conference 2014 'Education and parenting'

    I have just returned from Oradea so enthused and excited about the wonderful work that is going on out there and that there seems to be a new generation of young women especially, from what I saw, that are really trying to change the way parenting and chidlren’s well being is approached. The conference was fantastically attended and there were several different speakers of a high standard looking at child development and parenting skills. The delegates were a real even mix of teachers and parents with some doctors and psychologists/ psychotherapists also attending.
    The music presentations seemed to be enthusiastically received and I was so impressed by the openness of everyone and the willingness to learn new ideas and take them on board. I did 2 practical workshops looking at music and emotion and how the 2 connect as well as offering some ideas into ‘feeling’ and experiencing music holistically and how that could be incorporated into playing and working with children.
    I also presented a paper on the ‘power of music’ which again seemed to spark some interest and there were several good questions at the end of it to discuss. 
    It was a wonderful conference which the Romanian organisers should feel immensely proud of and I was delighted to be there representing Music as Therapy International. 
    Clare Reynolds



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