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  • Support from MAITS (Multi Agency International Training and Support)

    We are so lucky to have the support of MAITS. Last year they supPort our work in Romania and India. They made some videos which summarize our work in these countries last year. 

    Click here to view the video about Romania

    and here to view the video about India. 

    Thanks MAITS!

  • Amazing news!

    We just heard from our Local Partners in Gisenyi, Rwanda that 8 members of staff are currently running sessions everyday of the week for up to 51 children and young people!

  • Skill sharing in the UK: Final week at The Fields

    The skill-sharing project at the Fields has come to an end. This week I gave the staff their certificates, which will go towards their continuing professional development record. Five staff members attended all of the training, along with other staff members who were involved when their shift patterns would allow. I have been delighted with the enthusiasm and willingness to get involved that the staff have shown. I am really excited about the next stage in the project, where over the coming weeks and months the staff will start to practice and hone the skills they have learned over the six weeks. 

    I will return to the group in three months to evaluate the effectiveness of this six weeks of skill-sharing, and offer further support if requested. The staff also know that I am very happy for them to approach me in the meantime if they have any questions or requests for resources. This is possible because I work at the Fields for one day each week, and something that is not always the case on international projects. 

    Initial feedback from the staff via questionnaires has been very positive. In the music group, staff members noticed, ‘ Seeing service users join in activities in a way that they usually wouldn’t’, ‘improved confidence’ and ‘[improved] social skills’. The staff felt they had learned, ‘new ways of interacting with service users using music’ and ‘different ways to communicate through music’. 

    I will keep you posted when the time comes to follow up in a few months time!


  • Skill sharing in the UK: The Fields

    Last week was my final week with staff in the music group at The Fields. In line with Music as Therapy International’s overseas model of the final week involving staff leadership only, I attended the group in an observational role. In the past, Music as Therapy International has found that in those instances where staff don’t get to the stage where they are leading a group whilst being observed, they are less likely to carry on running sessions following the conclusion of the project. 

    When I arrived at The Fields, the staff had set out the room and instruments and went on to lead the session they had planned the previous week. They led a varied group with time for everyone to play together, time for solos, activities with different levels of structure and freedom and some group song singing. Afterwards they evaluated the group, and I really enjoyed hearing their thoughts on the group, especially in light of their detailed knowledge of individual service users. 

    Next week I will be meeting the staff again to pick up their feedback questionnaires on the different aspects of the project and to give them their certificates. I am really looking forward to hearing from them about how the group is going, and how it changes and evolves over time. It is quite a different experience to the involvement in a project that is located at a great distance (in my case, Rwanda), as I will still see the staff members (although not to do the music group) every week as I go about my usual clinical work. Below is a photo from one of the staff skill-sharing sessions.

    Caroline Anderson

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