Project Hyderabad Week 4

Posted in Blog on 7th October 2015

This week has felt a little like the moment the trapeze artist lets go one swing but has not caught the other and has to trust in the momentum that they have created. The moments of moving into a space of improvisation with full concentration and focus on the... Read on

Project Hyderabad: week two

Posted in Blog on 23rd September 2015

Well, Hannah went today and the Umbilical is cut. Somesh and I are on our own now... except of course for our skype support calls.I thought - at least in India they drive on the same side of the road - some common ground, however things are not quite the same... Read on

Part-Time Fundraiser Needed

Posted in Recruitment on 18th September 2015

Part-Time Fundraiser: It's an exciting moment for the Music as Therapy International team. Coinciding with the 20th Anniversary of our pilot project in Romania, and to support our gradual growth, we are looking to recruit a part-time fundraiser (16 hours per week... Read on

First week of Project Hyderabad

Posted in Blog on 15th September 2015

Dear all, a quick update after our first week in Hyderabad. This certainly feels like a well supported project with input from various charities and people. After Hannah’s initial contact with Zoe Kennedy Hughes, who has been involved with, the... Read on

Distance Learning Programme Palestine

Posted in Projects on 1st September 2015

This year we are Piloting our Distance Learning Programme in Palestine with four local Musicians without Borders workers. Click here to read an article about the course and the two days of training they received last month which was delivered by UK Music Therapist... Read on

Project Rwanda

Posted in Projects on 13th July 2015

A team of 4 Music as Therapy International representatives have just spent 2 weeks in Rwanda working on different projects. The projects were bought together at the end of the second week at a conference in Kigali which was attended by 70 people from various care... Read on

Project Gisenyi Week 2

Posted in Blog on 9th July 2015

After some much needed time at the weekend to relax, reflect and walk along the beautiful lake kivu Steph and i were ready for our last two days at UCC. We were pleased that our visit briefly coincided with Sharon the project manager for the Point Foundation who... Read on

Music as Therapy in Rwanda 2015 - Update

Posted in Blog on 7th July 2015

We have spent most of this week in Kigali, preparing for the conference, which took place yesterday. This conference was jointly hosted by Music as Therapy International and Tubakunde, and launches the exchange programme. This programme facilitates the rolling... Read on

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