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Music Therapy as a Career: This pack offers information on all the Postgraduate music therapy training courses in the UK, case studies from people who have recently trained as a music therapist, links to other resources, as well as some information on the history of music therapy. A small fee of £5 is charged to cover our costs. To order a pack or find out more please email

New Ways of Serving Communities at Home and Abroad (price £18.00):  This collection of articles was designed specifically for the growing numbers of Music Therapists being offered opportunities to work on projects in unusual contexts, often overseas. However, many of the issues considered and angles taken will be pertinent to anyone undertaking project-based work in partnership with others. The pack comprises Clinical Vignettes, Practical Considerations and nine articles, including: 

  • Different Roles and Setting Up a Functioning Partnership – Alexia Quin: Two papers considering some of the similarities and differences about the roles a music therapist might be invited to play in unusual contexts and describing a ‘partnership’ model, which can be effective when implementing project-based work. Looking at how we can ensure our working relationships are true partnerships.

  • Cultural Orientation and Cultural Adjustment – Graham Fawcett: Two papers by Graham Fawcett, a clinical psychologist who spent ten years briefing and debriefing aid workers going to countries around the world.

  • Transferring Music Therapy Practice into Non-Western Settings: Cultural Considerations and Reflections – Ellie Salcin-Watts: Considering the fit of a known practice of music therapy into a new, ‘unknown’ environment of a non-western culture.

Poster Presentations

BAMT Conference, February 2014: This poster offers a summary of our aims, history and current key projects.  Click here to download.


Below is a list of research papers and publications that mention our work.  Please email us if you would like more information.

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Carter, T., 2013. My Best course - Music to their ears. Nursery World, [online] Available here.  (Please note you will need to take out a subscription to Nursery World to view this article. A free trial subscription is available.) 

Coombes, E and Tombs-Katz, M., 2015. Interactive Therapeutic Music Skill-Sharing in the West Bank: An Evaluation Report of Project Beit Sahour, Approaches: Music Therapy and Special Music Education [advance online publication] Available here

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Anecdotal Project Reports

All our projects are fully documented and we have detailed reports of every partnership undertaken.  These might be of interest to anyone with a historic interest in care settings in Romania, specific care settings in other countries, or the practical logistics of implementing a project such as ours.

Musical Activities  

We have accumulated a wealth of activities appropriate for use in skill-sharing projects.  They also give quite good insight into what level of work can be sustained by non-professional workers, following limited training (but with ongoing support).  These cannot simply be forwarded on - many pre-date our computer records! - but you are welcome to book a time to come and browse.

Romanian Language CD and Booklet

To help our volunteers hit the ground running, we have a basic practical Romanian language guide which provides vocabulary and phrases for daily working life.  It includes disability and music therapy-specific vocabulary.  We charge £5 to cover our costs for this.