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Alongside the support we receive from individuals, we rely heavily on the generosity of grant-making bodies and other sponsors.  Our work over the past two years would not have been possible without significant assistance from:

Sponsors 2016

  • James Allen's Prep School
  • World First UK
  • Abernethy Parish Church
  • Breinton Recital Society
  • The CJC Whitehouse 2006 Charitable Trust
  • Multi Agency International Training and Support
  • Downe House School
  • Douglas Heath Eves Charitable Trust
  • The Fitton Trust
  • BC Partners Foundation
  • The Gordon Fraser Charitable Trust

 Sponsors 2015

Sponsors 2014

  • The Allan & Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust
  • The Lubricators Charitable Trust
  • World First UK Ltd
  • Abernethy Parish Church
  • The CJC Whitehouse 2006 Charitable Trust
  • St. Nicolas Church Guildford
  • The Union of Catholic Mothers of St. Joseph
  • The Gordon Fraser Charitable Trust
  • The Casey Trust
  • The Bryan Guinness Charitable Trust
  • The Werks
  • Eleanor Rathbone Charitable Trust
  • The Beatrice Laing Trust
  • The Fresh Leaf Charitable Foundation
  • Petersfield Autumn Show
  • The Stephen Clark 1957 Charitable Trust
  • Thomas Eggar LLP
  • Downe House School
  • The Fitton Trust
  • The Golden Bottle Trust
  • Hatcham Internet
  • Ian Gronow
  • Sheffield Wind Orchestra

Sponsors 2013


  • Profile of a Supporting Trust The Gordon Fraser Charitable Trust

    Profile of a Supporting Trust

    The Gordon Fraser Charitable Trust has supported Music as Therapy International for ten years. Trustee Margaret Moss (left) was introduced to the charity by music therapist and Advisory Panel member Clare Reynolds. The Trust also nominated Music as Therapy International for the Charity Awards 2006, for which we were successful in winning the award for International Aid and Development. Margaret explains why they still choose to support MasT International:

    “We had supported Music as Therapy for seven years when I received information about the Charity Awards in 2006. From the start, my co-trustee, Bill Anderson and I had been greatly impressed not only by the excellent work carried out in Romania but also by the way administration costs were (and are) kept to a minimum, while in no way jeopardising the extremely efficient running of the charity. We also liked the way that vital long term support was given following the initial training by UK therapists… Local Partners know that Music as Therapy is always there to give this support where and when it should be needed. It is, I think, an excellent idea that volunteers accompany the trained therapists. I feel sure the Romanians will relate to the volunteers who are also learning; for the latter it is an opportunity to see if they wish to train for a career in music therapy, as some have indeed gone on to do.”

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