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It is not just us who believe that music therapy can play a vital part in addressing the needs of children and adults who remain at risk within Romania’s care system and vulnerable in other countries:

Imelda Staunton OBE, Actress

"When you stop and think about it, everyone’s life has a soundtrack to it.  I grew up with a mother who was a fiddle player and music has played an active part in shaping my emotional experiences throughout my life.  From those early memories of a house full of musicians, joining in with my own enthusiastic spoons playing, through singing to my daughter and, right now, the songs from Sweeney Todd, there’s been music every step of the way.

"Music as Therapy International works with children and adults who truly benefit from the way in which music makes sense of the emotions they feel.  Some are processing trauma, living in the midst of confusing conflict, facing mental health challenges or have disabilities which make it difficult to recognise what they feel and why it makes them feel the way it does.  Music offers them a lifeline, a lifeline which Music as Therapy International trains local workers to keep available to the children and adults in their care long-term.

"I am proud to support the important work of Music as Therapy International and to have the chance to raise awareness of this exciting charity in their Radio 4 Charity Appeal."

Shlomo, Human Beatboxer and Southbank Artist in Residence

"I've always been obsessed with music - it's so instantly inspirational - and I've never been able to ignore that it's a powerful way to bring people together. Especially beatboxing because you are only using your voice, and everybody has a voice.  I also love the power of improvisation, when you can change your music in response to everyone around you.  Music is something anybody can appreciate, enjoy and contribute to. 

"Whether you're inspired by the skill and discipline that has gone into a performance, or in the company of a music therapist who finds and improvises 'your' music, the experience is a motivating and empowering one.  It makes you feel that you could have a go too.  Music as Therapy International are showing this to people all around the world - I love that they share my belief in the power of music as a tool to bring people together."

Jo Whiley, BBC Radio 2 DJ

“Just because someone can't find the words, doesn't mean they don't have the feelings. If someone cannot speak, it doesn't mean they don't have something to say. When someone has a disability, it doesn't mean they don't have abilities too. Music therapy gives people with special needs the chance to make the most of their potential through creative music-making.

"I bring music into people's lives via the radio and I've experienced the power of music for people with learning disabilities firsthand through my sister, Frances. It's been an absolute lifeline for her and has given her such joy over the years. Where she might struggle interacting with people, music has been there providing common ground. She's made so many friends through a shared love of music and been able to express herself through the music she listens to and makes.

Music as Therapy has spent the past ten years taking music therapy to people living in places where it wouldn't otherwise be available through skill-sharing projects. For those of us who have easy access to music every day, in whatever form we favour, it’s hard to describe what it adds to our lives.  Music as Therapy doesn’t just add to lives, it changes lives."

Tony Hawks, Comedian, Author and Broadcaster

“For a small charity, Music as Therapy manages to improve the quality of life for a hell of a lot of children and adults in Romania.  From my own experience of the country, it's not the easiest place to live and work, but it is cheap.  This means that even the smallest donation goes a long way and Music as Therapy certainly seems to do impressive things on a tight budget.”

Association of Professional Music Therapists, now British Association for Music Therapy (UK)

“The application of music to help people who are, for example, disabled, mentally ill or institutionalised is clearly developing fast in Romania with the support of Music as Therapy.  All this work is vitally important - not least for the clients who receive therapy. UK music therapy has benefited too, as the projects have provided opportunities for UK therapists to broaden their skills and for prospective UK music therapy students to gain valuable experience to take into their training.”

Gabriela Coman, Former Romanian Secretary of State

“I assure you of the fact that the problem related to the training of staff working in the child care system, especially of those who work directly with children and can influence their quality of life, is a real priority for us. I understand that you will return in Romania in autumn of this year and that you wish to have a discussion about the possibility of training the staff at their place of work and about the role of Music as Therapy in taking care of children with disabilities. I am convinced that this meeting will be useful for both sides…”