“Keep Going”

"I continued this work because I was supported by [Music as Therapy International] for 12 years. The musical instruments that helped me carry out the work, were donated by Music as Therapy International. The continuous effort done by both parties made this collaboration sustainable over time and helped us give sense to the life of abandoned people that didn't have any hope of someone reaching out to them." (Local Partner, Romania)

Sustainability is one of our core values and forms the cornerstone of all of our project work. We know people need support to 'keep going' - embedding music therapy as a new way of working can be a slow and challenging process.

We place a huge amount of importance on this second stage of our approach; supporting those we have trained after the initial training project to ensure the practice is continued.

For each of our field projects we include a follow up visit to evaluate our Local Partners’ music programmes, offer support and encouragement, and identify what they might want from us to help them keep going. Whenever possible, we send the same volunteers who delivered the introductory training, reflecting our dedication to building trusting relationships with our Local Partners.

This January, we publish our Sustainability Review Report, which collates the learning from a series of six Support Visits delivered over the course of 2018. We have evaluated impact, one-two years on from Introductory Training, for both practitioners and service users, as well as looking at their support needs in future. Have a look at the report itself, or read the Executive Summary, to get a sense of the sustaining impact music projects have had across the UK.

Long term support has proven to be a vital part of our work, ensuring the lasting impact of our introductory projects, and we provide this in the following ways: Portfolio of Support Activities, Additional Training and Resources.

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