UK Resources

We are currently building a portfolio of resources for our Partners in the UK and we will be adding content here as we progress through 2020. This will include copies of our UK Partner Newsletters, activity ideas, research which evidences the impact of music for different people, and signposting to other relevant online resources. This page is most useful for our existing Partners: If your interest is in getting started with a project, have a look at our Meaningful Music in Care leaflet, and get in touch.

UK Partner Newsletters

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, and its impact for many of our Partners and their clients, we have suspended our quartlerly Newsletter in favour of shorter, COVID-relevent messages, sent to our Partners via their mailing list. If you would like to sign up to recieve these messages, with resources, activity ideas and news from the wider network, send us an email. You can read the 2019 Newsletter Archive below.

  • Read the first edition here (February 2019)
  • The Spring Partner Newsletter here (April 2019)
  • The Autumn Partner Newsletter here (October 2019)
  • The Winter Partner Newsletter, here (December 2019)

Musical Activity Resource Books

These resources are designed for Partners who have already trained with us and want to expand their repetoire of acitvities and techniques; however, they may be accessed by any interested parties. Download the resource book relevent to your client group, and its corresponding COVID-19 Guidance, by clicking its image below. Find our ideas for using the Dementia Activity Book with residents alongside COVID-19 restrictions here, on our blog. You can also find our Guidance on Using Musical Instruments Safely during COVID-19, below.

UK Partner Support Mechanism

Access our support mechanism here, to request a Support Visit, a new training project, supervision or advice, to send a question in or let us know any other support needs you have.

The Musical Instrument Fund

Music is an important tool for human connection but, especially now as COVID-19 impacts care settings in unprecedented ways, you may be wanting to limit the extent to which you are sharing musical instruments and other resources in your setting. Our Musical Instrument Fund has been launched to help our partners who do want to continue to use musical instruments but who need additional resources to make this easier and reduce risk. If you'd like to request some more musical instruments for your setting please fill out our Application Form and send it to

Current Research Summaries

Find below a short evidence base summarising the research for the use of music therapy, and our skill-sharing approach, with each of our key client groups.

We also have a full Research Summary available to buy, which strives to answer the questions: What is Music Therapy? How does it work and what evidence do we have? It provides an overview of what music therapy is and the research and evidence which demonstrates its value to people facing a range of challenges throughout life. This is unique resource is both comprehensive and accessible, designed for a diverse audience: music therapists, commissioners, and health professionals.

Updated in 2020, this edition includes the most up-to-date evidence base underpinning music therapy and the research studies which have produced the evidence, with guidance for wider reading. However, its focus is expanded to include six different client groups: young children; people on the autistic spectrum; children and young people with emotional and behavioural difficulties; people with learning disabilities; people with mental illness; and people living with dementia.

For more information and to order a copy, have a look at this document.

You can read an excerpt of the Research Summary below:

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