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When Music as Therapy began working in Romania in 1995, our core activity was the provision of Introductory Music Therapy Training Projects. These equipped local staff with the skills, experience, materials and confidence to run music programmes addressing the psychological, emotional, social and behavioural difficulties experienced by the adults and children in their care.

One exciting aspect of our direct involvement in Romania has been the way in which it has influenced music therapy practice internationally.  Music as Therapy International is now often called upon to share its recognised good practice and consult on related projects in a variety of countries and settings.

Although we have an ongoing commitment to supporting our Local Partners in Romania - (you can see the sorts of practical activities we have run in the last year by clicking here or how we have developed resources to support their practice by clicking here), we now facilitate projects in other countries and are always interested to hear from people who would like to make some of the benefits of music therapy more available to a vulnerable community. This may be a community which has been through a particular crisis or one which simply does not currently have access to professional music therapists on a well-established or permanent basis.

We were very excited to be included in Music Education UK's magazine where our director, Alexia, described the work we do and how it helps the children and adults involved. Click here to read more.


To find out more about how Music as Therapy International can support music therapy projects which share our values, please download our Information Pack for 2013 by clicking here.

To see examples of our work in action, in Romania and beyond, click here

We like to try and send occasional updates to people who are interested in our work, both sharing news about specific projects and promoting fundraising events. If you would like to subscribe to receive these updates, please click here. You can unsubscribe at any time.

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