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Projects in Peru

In 2011, Music Therapists, Carine Ries and Andrew Darlison delivered a 3 week introductory skill-sharing project for local staff and children at the mountain school "Tinkuy Peru" in Huancayo. Although the introductory project was met with incredible enthusiasm from staff and children alike, devastatingly shortly after the project, they lost the roof to their premises. Obviously their priorities changed and the focus was to raise the required funds to make the building watertight. This impacted on the staffs availablilty to develop the music programme and although we have received regular updates from 2 members of staff, sadly they have now let us know that they have left the school. 

Below is some of the positive feedback we received from one of our Local Partners before she left:  

“I took all the instruments up to school and asked the teacher there if she could remember enough to do the first session today and she got really excited about it and said that she could so we went ahead and ran the first session with a group of 8 10/11 year olds and they absolutely loved it. It was really interesting to watch them and how they responded to it. They all said they really enjoyed it and would like to do it again so that's good.”

At this point our involvement in Peru is restricted due to local circumstances but we are keen to keep up regular contact with our Local Partners and will be here to help and provide assistance whenever it is needed.