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Music as Therapy International does not and cannot work in isolation.  It is vital that we communicate openly about the work we are doing and where we are doing it, so that other people working in similar areas, both professionally and geographically, know about us.  Equally, there is plenty we can learn from them and - perhaps most importantly - it is a waste of charity funds and our Local Partners' time to have too many people working in the same place at the same time. 

We need to build our knowledge of music therapy-related developments across the world - particularly in areas where there are still few pioneers or where practice is only just developing.  This may be a community which has been through a particular crisis or one which simply does not currently have access to professional music therapists on a well-established or permanent basis.  We'd really like to hear about any such initiatives and from the dynamic individuals exploring them. We can learn from you and we also have resources that may be of use to you.  Please send us an email or use the details listed under 'Contact Us'.  Alternatively you can use Linked In to contact Alexia Quin.
We can help to facilitate the delivery of projects which are taking therapeutic music-making to new communities across the world:  Projects which, without experienced and clinically-focused support, might not reach their true potential.  If you think you might be interested to collaborate with Music as Therapy International please send us an email to request an informal chat or download an Information Pack here.