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Portfolio of Activities

Over the years we have run a wide variety of projects in Romania and elsewhere which comprise a portfolio of activities we can replicate or modify to suit our partners wherever they work. These include:

Introductory Music as Therapy Projects (International): These vary in length but involve a trained music therapist spending time with Local Partners looking at ways they are currently working and how some of the benefits of music therapy could contribute to what they are offering the children or adults in their care. A tailored skill-sharing programme is then delivered that leaves the Local Partners with the resources, skills and confidence to keep their own music programme running into the future.

Distance Learning Programme (Romania): A series of online tutorials, one practical intensive study weekend, written assignments and a supervised practical assignment to enable people working with young children with disabilites to incorperate some of the benefits of music therapy into what they are offering to children in their care.

Support Visits (International): Typically any introductory project is consolidated at a later date by a Music as Therapy International team returning to support the Local Partners in their ongoing work with music. These short visits are an opportunity to share successes and discuss challenges, as well as to offer guidance on developing the music programme further.

Peer Supervision: Inviting Local Partners to submit case studies and challenges for other Local Partners to offer their experience and advice on. This model of supervision is common practice in the UK and can help build local capacity, as well as contributing to the sustainability of music programmes.

Annual Newsletter:  For ten years we published and circulated, in the UK and Romania, the Music as Therapy International Annual Newsletter, compiled from music programme reports sought from our Local Partners.  This became a forum for peer support and supervision.  Click here for back issues of our Newsletter.

Competition for Local Partners (Romania):  Competitions for our Local Partners offered an opportunity for them to reflect on and write about the theory underpinning their work with music and to win musical resources for their places of work. 

Discretionary Grant Schemes (Romania):  To address the challenge of people moving their places of work, but not wanting to lose their investment in music as therapy, we devised a Discretionary Grant Scheme.  This enabled Local Partners to apply for our support in transferring their skills into a new care setting, acquiring the necessary musical resources and accessing specialist training if necessary.       

Rewarding Longterm Practice (Romania): Therapeutic work with music is slow and challenging.  In recognition of the dedication it requires, we reward the long-term practice of our Local Partners as they reach significant anniversaries of working with music.

Building Local Capacity:  To encourage our Local Partners to build their own capacity, we offered them the chance to ‘earn’ new musical resources by organising their own peer supervision and local skill-sharing/networking events to promote the use of music in the recuperation of children and adults with special needs in Romania.

Additional Training: Click here for information about our Additional Training projects.

Academic Development (Romania):  Fundamental to a future for music therapy in Romania will be academic recognition of its practice.  We have contributed to the development of related training opportunities, both at a Vocational level and at a Graduate and/or Post-Graduate level.

Academic Development (UK):  We have experience of University accreditation gained from our partnership with the Music Therapy Service in Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust.  This draws directly on the success of our approach in Romania.  Click here for more information. 

Local Resource Research (Romania):  We designed a Learning Log for our Local Partners which proved to be an effective tool to record the different sources of information, training and support which have contributed to their continuing work with music. 

International Consultancy:  We have continued to supply ad hoc consultancy for practitioners, within and beyond the Music Therapy profession, keen to learn from the experience of Music as Therapy International when planning and undertaking development work overseas. 

Online Resource Library:  As a way of enabling Local Partners in Romania access to relevant resources to support their work with music - both practical and theoretical - we launched an Online Resource Library.  In addition to materials developed by Music as Therapy International, it is a place where Local Partners can publish their own writing.  Click here to visit our Online Resource Library.

We have more details and reports available on all of these activities, please send an email to if you would like further information.