We have full consent to share the video extracts below to show how the children and adults we work wwith respond to their music sessions and how our Local Partners feel about their participation in our projects. Please note, because these have been filmed by volunteers, in different contexts and using different devices the media quality is variable and you may need to adjust your speakers.

Hear from Local Partners Lucy and Emma

In 2016, Lucy and Emma took part in a 6-week Introductory Training Project at The Fields, a residential care home for adults with learning difficulties in Sheffield. This extract reveals how their music programme has been going since the initial training ended.

Music as Therapy in action in Rwanda

Here you can see how music making is helping a group of Rwandan children work together, build relationships, show how they are feeling and communicate without words.  They are passing a drum around and singing a Hello Song to mark the start of their music session.

Music as Therapy in action in Romania

In this video you can see a local teacher using basic music therapy techniques to engage the interest of a young girl with learning difficulties in Romania.  The teacher channels the girl's motivation to use the musical instruments and her voice into a playful non-verbal exchange, that moves her on from telling the teacher to go away and into a creative and expressive musical conversation.

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