Led by a professional music therapist, each project aims to equip people working at the heart of care with the skills, resources, experience and confidence to run music sessions independently.

On-site skill-sharing

A music therapist trains caregivers in their place of work over the course of six to nine weeks. Working in partnership, we identify project aims and who will take part. Through regular music sessions, our music therapist demonstrates how music can create positive change. Gradually over the course of the project, caregivers take over delivery of these sessions until they are running them independently. You can request a project here.

Distance learning programme

This training model was created for people working with young children with disabilities. The model comprises a series of online tutorials, one practical intensive study weekend, written assignments and a supervised practical assignment. It is currently available in Romania, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Jordan and Myanmar.

Structured training

Our Structured Training model involves a series of teaching sessions designed in response to detailed understanding of the target beneficiaries. This approach is best suited to environments where care is more formal, such as schools and early years settings. You can find out more here.

Online training

A series of instructive and interactive activities designed for specific beneficiary groups. As this model is accessible online without moderation, it can be used as a first step in training, introducing the basic concepts and techniques of our approach.