Our roots lie in the orphanages of Romania where our director, Alexia Quin volunteered in 1992. Local caregivers were eager for training so that they might themselves improve care. She saw they were inspired by the way music proved to be a powerful tool to help people to connect and add meaning to difficult lives. 

Alexia set up the charity and developed a training model which gave caregivers the support, confidence, resources and experience to use new techniques and musical activities. As we grew, our reputation as an organisation with integrity known for impactful, sustainable projects led to requests from beyond Romania. The model has since been adapted to diverse contexts, cultures and countries.

As an organisation we continue to adapt and develop the training and support we offer to make music an integral part of care for as many vulnerable children and adults as possible. 

Our milestones


  • Our director, Alexia is awarded an OBE for her contribution to music therapy



  • Imelda Staunton presents our second BBC Radio 4 Charity Appeal, raising £20,914 


  • Our director, Alexia sits on the Commission on Dementia and Music in partnership with the Utley Foundation and ILC-UK
  • We launch our #MusicCan awareness campaign celebrating all the amazing ways music can improve our lives
  • We deliver our first on-site skill-sharing project in Ethiopia, working with caregivers across three care settings in Addis Ababa



  • We launch ‘Bringing It All Back Home’ – a pilot phase of on-site skill-sharing projects across the United Kingdom


  • We co-host a national conference to celebrate the 20th anniversary of our first project in Romania
  • We deliver our first on-site skill-sharing project in India in partnership with the Otakar Trust
  • We pilot our Distance Learning model in the Occupied Palestinian Territories in partnership with Musicians without Borders


  • Our director, Alexia delivers a keynote presentation for the British Association for Music Therapy’s annual conference
  • We commence two years of research into UK care sector to identify the areas and communities where our approach is most relevant and could have the greatest impact


  • Shortlisted for the Advancing Healthcare Awards 
  • Third Sector Excellence Awards “Highly Commended” (Small Charity: Big Achiever)


  • Shortlisted for the Advancing Healthcare Awards 
  • Imelda Staunton presents our first BBC Radio 4 Charity Appeal
  • We provide consultancy on an international project in Myanmar working with children with disabilities


  • We deliver our first project in Peru


  • We deliver our first on-site skill-sharing project in Rwanda
  • We deliver our first on-site skill-sharing project in Georgia
  • The Distance Learning model launches in Romania for caregivers working with children and young people with disabilities
  • In partnership with Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust, we deliver our first project in the UK with the launch of Interactive Music-Making Structured Training for the Early years
  • We officially change our name to Music as Therapy International to reflect the breadth of countries in which we work



  • Charity Awards Winner


  • We support our partners in Romania to host the country’s first national music therapy conference
  • We form our Advisory Panel of volunteer music therapists



  • We deliver our first on-site skill-sharing project in Romania