Distance Learning Programme

We developed our Distance Learning Programme in response to an overwhelming number of requests for our skill-sharing projects that we did not have the capacity to meet using our Field Project model. It also helped us to provide training to staff working in small care settings where a full field project would not have been appropriate. This remote approach has proven far-reaching and widely accessible, as well as a cost and time-efficient training model.

The Distance Learning Programme comprises a series of online tutorials, one practical intensive study weekend, written assignments and a supervised practical assignment. Completing the programme enables people working with young children with disabilities to incorporate some of the benefits of music therapy into what they can offer the children in their care. Graduate feedback tells us it improves job satisfaction and professional confidence, has a lasting impact on care practice (with continued music sessions proving popular with parents and managers) and has even enabled some people to obtain local funding for their subsequent work with music.

We ran the Distance Learning Programme in Romania from 2011 - 2015, during which time 29 students graduated from the course going on to introduce new music programmes into schools, care homes and community setting across the country. We are now working towards it being locally led. More recently we piloted the programme in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, with activity leaders who were seeking new ways to meet the needs of children with disabilities living in refugee camps. We have now developed the concept into a Blended Learning Programme which we are delivering in partnership with Musicians without Borders.

“I had a lot of positive experiences, starting with the three children's joy every time we were starting a session, the positive way in which they responded to the programme, the progress they made, even though they were small. But the biggest satisfaction was that this course allowed me to apply for funding that is going to make possible the continuation of music therapy programme with other children.” (Distance Learning Programme graduate, Romania)

“Thank you very much for this chance to learn and for supporting us to learn and share this human experience with the children, because it is important: the essence and principles of the music activities and how it has been used in a curing way to help others with different needs and different skills to improve their simple and great life.” (Distance Learning Programme graduate, Occupied Palestinian Territories)

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