After two and a half years as our Administrator, Lotte van Buuren is leaving to continue her career with Hong Kong Watch. In her time with us, Lotte has been a driving force behind our pursuit of excellence in how the charity is run, helping to develop more stringent financial processes, introduce new policies and strengthening our organisation’s integrity by becoming a Living Wage Employer.

Before Lotte’s departure, she had the following to say of her time with the charity:

My time at this charity has been invaluable and set the foundation for my new position. I thank Alexia for the professional and personal development opportunities she provided during the two and a half years that I’ve worked here. I will always appreciate her encouraging and kind attitude, which has made me value my skills and knowledge more.

I will truly miss the team and always think of you fondly. The charity’s work is so important and inspiring, it really makes the world a better place. Thank you for everything.

On behalf of all of us at Music as Therapy International, we’d like to wish Lotte the very best of luck in her new endeavours!