After 17 years of working for Music as Therapy International I have made the difficult decision to leave my current role in the office. I say difficult because it really has been a very tough decision! I have been working closely with Alexia, the whole team and with our new National and International Programme Manager, Lindsay, over the last six months to prepare for this big change within the charity and handover all my responsibilities.

Working for MasT has been one of the most positive experiences in my life and I have felt so privileged to have worked alongside so many wonderful people both here in the UK and all our Local Partners from overseas. To have been part of MasT‘s development from the early days in Romania to where we are now has been hugely rewarding.

However, I aim to bring all my experience and knowledge to a new role within the charity, that of a Trustee. This will mean I’ll remain connected with MasT and receive regular updates about all the charity’s fantastic work, albeit in a different capacity. Thank you to everyone for making my time here so enjoyable, I have many special memories to treasure!