We are half way through our 10 week project in the nursery at James Wolfe Primary School, Greenwich, London. We are working with two very experienced Nursery Nurses in Apple Tree Class. So far we have spent time getting to know the children and staff, as well as leading music groups.

The priority of this project, as identified by the Head Teacher, is an early intervention approach to supporting the children’s mental health and emotional well-being. We will be training staff to identify areas of need, to support these needs and encourage development, and to signpost to other services where necessary. We have been struck by the wealth of experience these staff members bring to their work, and also their enthusiasm to embrace new ways of engaging the children in learning.

The next step of the project is to help support the staff to run the groups themselves, offering strategies of thinking developmentally while making music together.

Ruth Kumar and Leana Crookes

Music Therapists

Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust