You don’t need me to tell you it’s been another strange old year.

Thankfully I’ve had my brilliant team by my side as we’ve weathered the knocks and embraced opportunities, all in the name of furthering our ambition to see music embedded into the care of vulnerable children and adults worldwide. 

In our 2021 Annual Report below, you’ll see feedback from some familiar activities alongside news of initiatives we have started which have taken us to new communities or seen us develop our training models. You’ll also see ways in which our Partners have taken on greater leadership of how work with music develops locally…who would have thought all this would be possible alongside all the complexity we’ve all been living with?

You know our focus is on training care staff to use interactive music opportunities. And has there ever been a time when we’ve given these care staff more thought?  It has been heartening for us to see our Partners worldwide emerge from the immediate initial fear and complications of Covid-19 last year, and turn to us for training and support so they can humanise the care and opportunities they provide by using music.

At a difficult time, at the end of another difficult year, I hope you will find our achievements encouraging. Having the support of familiar names means more to us than simply funds.  We know it means you still think we’re doing a good job and that’s what matters most to us.  

So, thank you and have a very Happy Christmas.