Well it’s been a hugely exciting week for us even though we
don’t yet know exactly how much money our Radio 4 Appeal has
rasied. It has been encouraging to receive enquiries into our
work from people who’d caught the appeal on the radio, we’ve had a
journalist interested to write something about us, a church
offering to raise money for us in 2013 and numerous extremely
generous individuals pledging their support online and over the
‘phone. Postal donations take longer to filter through, but
waiting for the post is a highlight of each day! We will, of
course, post news of the impact of the apeal when we have a better
idea of the total we have raised. For now, however, we need
to alert everyone:

You can no longer respond to our appeal via the BBC!

But if you would still like to make a donation, you can click
here. Thank you.